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Providing comprehensive solutions for key parts installing, maintaining, and fixing of all kinds of vehicles in the process of cutting, grinding and polishing.

1.Aerospace & Gas Turbine


Application in cutting, grinding and shaping high efficient abrasives for turbine blades of airplane engines & gas turbine.

Main Applications

slow & deep grinding and ordinary grinding (including axial grinding and high presure cooling liquid grinding)

■disc ajusting

■fixing the cutting machine

■rough grinding & reducing burrs

■reducing welding point

■slight reduce of furrs

■surface process and precise working for metal and compound material


2.Shipping Industry


Providing all kinds of abrasivies for cutting, grinding, deburring, recucing stains and all surface process of shipping produce, repairing & renewing.

Main Applications:



■grinding weld points and defurring

■suface process

■polishing & reducing stains



3. Tail Way Construction

Providing comprehensive shemes for maintainaning rail way, train making, train station making and renewing.

Main Application:

■cutting for rail and heavy steel

■outline grinding for rail and steel

■cutting and gringding for rail

■weld gap grinding

■weld point & furr grinding

■maitainance for platform, sleeper, buildings of station & road side

■weld point grinding

■process of reducing panels and suface


4.Industry of automobile parts

We will provide innovative abrasive solutions for engine parts manufacturing of motorcycles, cars, trucks and heavy construction equipment, which can help to adding value, reducing operating costs, improving quality and throughput,


■Cylindrical grinding, crankshaft and camshaft grinding, centerless grinding

■Internal grinding

■Plane grinding

■Double side grinding

■Surface finishing


■Wheel Dressing

■Crankshaft and camshaft, gear processing

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