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brands have entered the mid-to-high

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brands have entered the mid-to-high

In the past two decades, China's mold manufacturing technology has made a qualitative leap. The mold industry has grown rapidly from small to large. With the development of China's automobile industry, independent brands have entered the mid-to-high end, new energy vehicles have risen, and China has stepped into the world. The ranks of mold power.

The world's mold powerhouses are: China, Germany, the United States, Italy, Australia, Singapore, and Japan. Today, Machinery HowNet will analyze the mold advantages of each country:


German mold technology is superb

Germany has always been known for its exquisite processing skills and production of precision machinery and tools, and its mold industry also fully reflects this characteristic. For the complex industrial field of molds, after years of practical exploration, German mold manufacturers have reached a consensus: that the entire industry must coordinate, work together, tap the development potential, carry forward the spirit of innovation, make common technological progress, learn from each other and make good use of The overall advantage can achieve the success of the industry.

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