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♦ 1987 Yongtai(Zhenghzou) Abrasives Co.,LTD was founded.

♦ 1998 Annual production amount is up to 1 million of pieces.

♦ 2001 Automatic equipment is adopted. The first tuunel type oven is put into use. With an annual production of 20 million, Yongtai company took over the first position in the field of resin wheels in Henan province.

♦ 2000 Passed ISO9001 Quality System Certification.

♦ 2003 Passed the MPA Safety Certification in Germany.

♦ 2005 Passed EN12413 Quality Safety Certification.

♦ 2006 Five tunnel type ovens are equipped.

♦ 2011 The company was awarded as one of the top ten in industry of abrasives and also for exporting in a three consecutive three years.

♦ 2013 With a covering area of over 4 hectares and a building area of 3 hectares, a new big plant was completed and put into use.

♦ 2016 Annual production ability exceeds 80 million pieces with annual output value to 100 million yuan.

♦ 2019 A new branch factory was built in Nanyang city, Henan provinve.


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